Home automation seems to be a big tapping niche for most of the technology companies around the world today. Some of us will go for obvious choices such as connected light bulbs (which are decent) or smart thermostats while others want the feel of security brought about by smart locks. However, the real feeling of automation comes when you go for the elevated benefits of a smart home hub. If you do not have technology like this, it becomes difficult to really enjoy a customized nighttime experience, such as the lights going off without you having to fiddle with switches, the thermostat goes down and the locks click into place.

The idea of a home hub is great, but most homeowners sneer at them because they come in boxes, which pretty much means that you will need to add another square object into your collection .The feeling here is understandable because we live in an age where every inch of space available around us is priceless. However, enblink seems to see these problems and has great ideas to get us covered: it intends to utilize technologies that already exist in the home for the creation of an automated hub in a bid to reduce the need for space and enhance functionality. We are looking at a situation in which the Enblink USB stick turns your TV into smart home hub.

Most of us have seen the USB dongle around for quite a bit of time, and even that has received a technology upgrade. In the past, it could only work with Google TV machines but now has advanced functionality, like the potential to work across the spectrum so long as devices are android-powered, and this includes everything from android televisions to Google-based Nexus players.

A press release from Enblink points out that this technology works with a raft of set top boxes that share android capabilities. It is also compatible with mini PC’s making their emergence in to the market, streaming devices and digitized gaming consoles.

With the enblink, you have at your disposal a form of technology that is akin to a z wave radio;you have the ability to control lights, sensors and security systems. Philips hue bulbs and the smart thermostat from Nest will not be a problem either.

In January last year, enblink upgraded, embracing voice commands and adopting them into its widening collection of smart technologies. However, to make these commands work, you will need the help of an application that comes with the device. The enblink is a little different from the Amazon echo, which receives commands directly from the user; it does not have an embedded microphone. The implication is that you will need to carry out some manual tasks if you want your device to turn off the lights remotely after drifting off in the middle of your favourite television show.

An incredible piece of news for the consumers is that even with this seemingly expensive upgrade, the price of the eblink has actually gone down-albeit momentarily. At the company website, it is now available for $46, which is a significant drop from the earlier $90 price tag.

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