We are currently living in the age of modern technology. Each day – whether on the news or simply hearing about the newest edition of creative USB devices and gadgets – the list is continually growing. Not everyone understands it, though the main idea in modern day technology is to ensure that life is made easier in a hectic world full of the need for cellphones, laptops, desktop computers, and other electronic gadgets that are in demand.

Desktop Charging Station

In recent times, desktop charging stations were only used to protect the actual computer itself during those times when the device was powered on. Currently, everything about the multiple-charging station has been updated. Now you can find these charging stations in almost any electronic’s store and online. Most now include USB ports for various uses such as charging the cellphone, laptop, ipad, and more. Not to forget – these creative inventions are also still created to protect against power surges should such a thing occur. In the long run, they can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in replacement devices.

Five-Port USB Charging Stations

These devices come in various name brands and are used to charge up to five items at one time. In the event that there is a household full of wireless, power-hungry technology, the last thing everyone wants is to try to clutter the wall outlets. The good thing about this is that they not only help to save on energy, they also rev up those gadgets rather quickly!

LED Ports

The multiple-friendly USB charging devices which come with a LED are those which keep you informed on whether or not the USB is currently charging. Due to the hectic wear and tear that these gadgets experience, it’s a good idea to find one that is sturdy and informative. These can be found in various sizes and also come with longer cords to stretch for more convenience.


Wireless Microphones

If you’re the type who likes to record live audio, sing and record online, stream music for downloading, and other fun activities, then a USB microphone system will work wonderfully for your leisure. Simply plug the microphone system into the PC or Mac device being used and enjoy.

Wireless USB Sticks and Adapters

There is such a relief with these neat and nifty new trends – especially for people who want to avoid the hassle of all the plug-in’s and cords. With a wireless USB stick and/or adapter, one can enjoy all the pleasures of the net just by using the USB connected to the adapter to do whatever is needed at the time. All the convenience of the net combined in one tiny invention.

USB Storage

There used to be CD-ROM’s, before then – there was the floppy disk. Now, there are USB storage sticks. You can find these just about anywhere computers are sold. The main uses include storing data, transferring pictures, music, and documents.

Waterproof Chargers

Knowing that chargers can be easily damaged in water during camping trips, stays at the beach, and so forth is simply facing facts. Due to the fact that portable waterproof USB chargers can be so expensive, the best thing to do is to compare prices before buying. Be prepared to spend a pretty penny but to also save a lot more over the long term.


Yes, it’s true – the great world of technology has now invented the portable USB speaker. Use this device to plug into your mobile phone, desktop, or laptop. One of the easiest ways to listen to your tunes at any level of volume you like, allowing others to listen as well.

Gaming Controller Dock Stations

Owning a super-cool gaming system can come with it’s headaches. The last thing anyone wants is to be in the middle of the game and then power-out while using their wireless gaming control. Fortunately, there are gaming controller dock stations used for charging multiple controllers to prevent this from ever becoming a problem.

Flex Lights

Isn’t it bothersome to be up late night trying to catch up on last minute projects and paperwork? What’s more of a nuisance is when you can’t see what you are doing though need a little bit of light, though – not too much. The idea is to get it done and see without running up the power bill or waking anyone up. They make these little devices known as flex lights. All you have to do is plug them into your computer and voila! Let their be light!

There are certainly more USB devices that are changing the world and making life so much easier. However, these are just a few. Try checking them out and finding out how much easier life can be for you and your loved ones.

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