The USB-USB transfer cable easily connects two PCs. This cable is mainly used for both huge or small files transfers. However, it is still used to build a small area network where two computers can share internet connection. The end of the cable with the large connector is inserted into the host computer whereas the other end is inserted into the remote computer. The person using the host computer can see the remote computer just as the way he would see any other USB drive. If it is files that need to be copied, then it is as simple as copying and pasting or dragging and dropping just as in regular computer to USB data transfer.

However, it is important to note that not all USB-USB cables are the same. There are different cables on the market today. The one that is typically used to connect two PCs is called a ‘bridged’ or ‘networking cable’. This type of cable has a small electronic circuit in the middle that allows the two computers to sense one another.

The other type of USB-USB cable is referred to as A/A USB cable. This cable also has a standard USB-USB port but does not have a bridge chip at the middle. This cable can not be used to connect between two computers. In fact, an attempt to use it on two computers can even result into the USB ports of the computers being burned or worse still, the power supplies getting burned. This type of cable is generally used to connect the computer to other peripherals such as scanners and printers that have USB ports.

When USB-USB cables are used to connect two computers, they typically work under two modes. The first mode is the link mode whereby they are used to copy or transfer files. Because they come accompanied by software that allows dragging and dropping files, the link mode is mostly recommended for file transfers.

The other option is the network mode. In this mode, one only needs to create a small network between two computers. This mode is recommended for users who want to do more than just copying files because the computer can be accessing the internet through the other one.

USB-USB cable installation depends on the cable manufacturer. The user is required to first of all install the programs and drivers that accompany the cable through a CD-ROM. This procedure is needed on both laptops that will use the cable. There are manufacturers who ship programs for both link and network modes whereas there are others who ship one program that is compatible with both.

Of the many different types of USB-USB cables on the market today, the most popular brands are Dynamode, Sandstrom, Advent and others as well.

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