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图片 2二、解析

  1. 扩展SQL语法

    SQL Statement Usage Description
    2+3 ?xdofx:2+3? Addition
    2-3 ?xdofx:2-3? Subtraction
    23 3?> Multiplication
    2/3 ?xdofx:2/3? Division
    23 3?> Exponential
    3||2 ?xdofx:3||2? Concatenation
    lpad(’aaa’,10,’.’) ?xdofx:lpad(’aaa’,10,’.’)? The lpad function pads the left side of a
    rpad(’aaa’,10,’.’) ?xdofx:rpad(’aaa’,10,’.’)? The rpad function pads the right side of a
    decode(’x’,’b’,’c’,’x’) ?xdofx:decode(’x’,'b’,'c’,x’,'d’)? The decode function has the functionality of
    Instr(’abcab’,’a’,2) ?xdofx:Instr(’abca’,'a’,2)? The instr function returns the location of
    substr(’abc’,2,3) ?xdofx:substr(’abc’,2,3)? The substr function allows you to extract
    replace(name,’Jo’,’J’) ?xdofx:replace(name,’Jo’,'J’)? The replace function replaces a sequence
    to_number(’12345’) ?xdofx:to_number(’12345’)?
    to_char(12345) ?xdofx:to_char(12345)?
    sysdate() ?xdofx:sysdate()?
    minimum ?xdoxslt:minimum(ELEMENT_NAME)? Returns the minimum value of the element
    maximum ?xdoxslt:maximum(ELEMENT_NAME)? Returns the maximum value of the element


2. 扩展XSL语法

Supported XSL Elements                             Description                                      XML Publisher 语法
<xsl:value-of select="name">                       Placeholder syntax                               <?name?>
<xsl:apply-templates select="name">                Applies a template rule to the                   <?apply:name?>
<xsl:copy-of select="name">                        Creates a copy of the current node.              <?copy-of:name?>
<xsl:call-template name="name">                    Calls a named template to be                     <?call:name?>
<xsl:sort select="name">                           Sorts a group of data based on                   <?sort:name?>
<xsl:for-each select="name">                       Loops through the rows of data                   <?for-each:name?>
<xsl:choose>                                       Used in conjunction with when                    <?choose?>
<xsl:when test="exp">                              Used in conjunction with                         <?when:expression?>
<xsl:otherwise>                                    Used in conjunction with                         <?otherwise?>
<xsl:if test="exp">                                Used for conditional formatting.                 <?if:expression?>
<xsl:template name="name">                         Template declaration                             <?template:name?>
<xsl:variable name="name">                         Local or global variable declaration             <?variable:name?>
<xsl:import href="url">                            Import the contents of one                       <?import:url?>
<xsl:include href="url">                           Include one stylesheet in another                <?include:url?>
<xsl:stylesheet xmlns:x="url">                     Define the root element of a stylesheet          <?namespace:x=url?>


  1. 扩展FO语法

    FO Element XML Publisher 语法
    fo:page-number ?fo:page-number?


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